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The Beauty of Starting a New Blog

As someone who has multiple blogs, let me tell you, starting a new blog is exciting and liberating.

When I started my first blog I was nervous and desperate to get everything right. I was a grad student, miserable in my program, and determined to make blogging my career.

I did about 100 hours of research before even getting a domain name and hosting, yet some how I didn’t come across keyword research.

Luckily for me, some months after starting my new blog I started listening to the Smart Passive Income podcast and one of their emails sent me a video on Keyword research.

Fast forward two years, my blog was successful enough that I was able to blog full time and call myself a professional blogger. Then COVID-19 hit and caused ad revenue to take a nosedive.

I was in a full on panic.

I became determined to get my revenue back up and focused on keyword research more than ever.

Before it was mostly a tool I used to decide the best title for my posts. Now it was dictating what I wrote next, which made things a lot less fun.

Once my revenue was back up, mostly thanks to moving to Trellis, I decided to start my second blog.

I immediately realized just how different starting a new blog was than working on a successful one.

My new blog didn’t have any credibility so I couldn’t rank for anything. I also knew Google takes since months before it starts taking a blog seriously.

To be honest, at first, this seemed a little scary and frustrating…

Would I ever be able to rank? If so, how long would it take?

All these other websites have been around so much longer than blog which was just in it’s infancy… how would I ever be able to out rank them?

Then I decided, even if it took me five years, I was going to make it.

I had already learned the in’s and out’s of blogging and I was determined to use everything I had learned about blogging and SEO to my advantage.

When I started my food blog, I was using nothing more than a spread sheet and my whims as a guide.

Now with my travel blog, I was going to use a content strategy to launch it to the top.

So, I created a free Mind Master account and mapped out my topics I wanted to write about no matter how many or how few searches they got.

That is when I realized the beauty of starting a new blog!

I didn’t need to worry about what I wrote because I couldn’t rank for anything anyway. I could write about whatever I wanted to write.

For the most part, I already did that with my food blog, but whenever I realized that I had neglected to see a good opportunity I kicked myself.

This was a new canvas though. There were no good opportunities. All things were equal and that was amazing.

Every time I sat down to write, I looked at my chart and decided what spoke to me that day.

Talk about liberating!