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Why Switch to Lyrical Host

Not all Hosts are Created Equal

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and if you buy something through this link I receive a commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products and services I’ve used and trust.


When I started my first blog (I have multiple now) I was a broke unemployed grad student. So, when I saw Bluehost offered a really cheap plan with a free domain regeneration for the first year, I was thrilled.

I didn’t have any issues Bluehost and there customer service was fine. However, I heard an SEO expert say “friend don’t let friends use Bluehost.” This was because Bluehost has very slow web speed which can impact your Google ranking.

The reason Bluehost comes so highly recommend by bloggers, it’s because they are affiliate partners and get a nice kickback for anyone who signs up. I recommend it only to anyone who is broke and can’t afford better or is dipping there toe into blogging.


When I decided to move from Bluehost to Inmotion I was already a full-time blogger getting 100,00+ visitors a month. Still, I hand’t quite gotten out of money saving mode from before.

Lyrical Host came highly recommend by other professional bloggers for there price, customer service, and speed. However, Inmotion was even cheaper and I figured the quality couldn’t have been that much of a difference… After all, Inmotion came even higher recommend as Bluehost.

So, I decided to switch to Inmotion and then upgrade to lyrical host when I outgrew their plan which offered a signup discount. This quickly became one of my biggest regrets as a blogger.

First the sales rep I spoke to was not interested in answering my questions but in just making the sale. He went as far as to inform me that they make commissions on the sales.

I was appalled by the lack of customer service, but I also didn’t feel it was fair to assume the whole company was like that. So, I spoke to another rep who was great right up until I signed up with him. After that he told me he was my point person from now on but ignored all my emails.

When their free migration was done they created bugs in my wordpress so none of my changes stuck. I spoke to four customer service reps about it and none of them fixed the problem and one acted like I was a moron.

From the second day I scheduled for a migration with Lyrical Host and requested an emergency migration. Unfortunately, openings for emergency migrations are rare and over the next two weeks I discovered that Inmotions sign up promises were all smoke.

Lyrical Host

I was very lucky that Lyrical Host eventually found an opening for me a week before my scheduled migration. The migration went seamlessly and they kept me informed the entire time.

Since then I’ve been as in love with Lyrical Host as those who recommended it to me.

Why Lyrical Host

Free Migration

Lyrical Host gives free white glove hosting and email migration automatically from Blogger,, or any WordPress hosts free of charge. They also migrate as many sites and email accounts as your plan supports.

In contrast, other hosting companies will charge you a pretty penny (Bluehost charges $149.99) to migrate your information over. Or, if they offer a free migration they may take weeks into your plan to do it (Inmotion gives themselves something like 2 weeks to migrate you).

Great Price

Lyrical Host’s highest price plan (which I’m on) is very reasonable. There are no hidden cost. What you see is what you get.

I also love that you can choose your currency. Despite it being an English company, you can pay in US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, Euros and Pounds.

Same Price upon Renewal

Upon renewal many companies jack up the prices. Not Lyrical Host though, the prices stay the same even at the end of your plan.

Flexible Pricing

Lyrical Host has pricing plans where you can pay once a month, once a year, once every two years, once every three years.

This is great if you are just starting out and don’t want to make a big commitment, can’t afford to pay a large lump sum, or don’t want to think about renewing anytime in the near future.

You can also set it to auto renew which is a feature I love.

Quantity Discount

You can sign up for month to month (which is rare to find!) but if you sign up for more months you save. The best thing is, this is not a one time sign up deal!

Domains at a Steal

At first glance Lyrical Host Domain registration seems like a very reasonable price. However, considering , the price doesn’t jack up on renewal (Bluehost goes from $11.99 to $17.99) and Privacy is free (Bluehost charges $14.88 to keep your personal information private and other companies charge similar prices).

I wish I knew this when I started my first blog (or second blog for that matter).

Pro Tip!

You can register your domain with one company and host your site through another.

Designed To Go Viral

Everyone dreams of going viral. However, most hosts will penalize you by either shutting down your site or automatically upgrading you to a pricey plan they won’t let you downgrade from.

Lyrical Host has autoscale hosting. This means your website pulls all the resources it needs from other servers on there platform in your busy periods. So your site can happily go viral without skipping a beat, and at no extra cost to you.

Upgrades and Down Grades

A real concern among some bloggers is that they will upgrade due to a spike in traffic and then be stuck with a plan when things go back to normal.

Or worse, loose a bunch of traffic due to an algorithm change and then have no choice to pay the same prices when they have less of an income.

With Lyrical Host you don’t have to worry about that. You can upgrade or downgrade as your needs change.

Great Customer Service

There are few things more important to me than customer service – especially after the experiences I’ve had.

I honestly cannot say enough good things about Lyrical Host’s customer service and I’ve never heard anyone say anything negative about it. One of the best parts is that there tech support is in-house and very capable, knowledgeable, hands on, and polite.

Site speed

Lyrical Host has full SSD web space powered by Samsung SSDs. This means your website is faster and more reliable compared to hosts using old moving-parts drives.

Site speed is very important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is because Google tends to favor sites that have good site speed because it means good user experience.

It also lowers your bounce rate because if you site takes too long to load people won’t bother waiting around. So, by having a faster site people are more likely to go through.

Not to mention, it increases your ad revenue. This is not only because, as mentioned above, people will be less likely to bounce so more people will see your ads, but also because your site will load the ads faster so there is a higher chance of them being seen and you getting paid for it.

More For Less

Lyrial Host gives a lot free for there customers that other hosts either don’t provide or charge you for.

  • SSL Certificates
  • Website and Email Migration
  • Malware Scans and Cleaning
  • Automatic Daily Backup
  • Domain Privacy (if you have your domain with them)
  • Security Features
  • Website Speed Analysis
  • WordPress pre-installed
  • Quality Full WordPress + Blog Support
  • Blogging Resource Library
  • 15 Exclusive Stock Photos a month
  • Supser-fast Built-In Caching
  • Theme instillation
  • Discounts from their partners

Theme Perfection

Theme Perfection is a Lyrical Host service if you don’t want to spend a lot of money to get your website looking exactly how you envisioned it. All the work is done by their in-house experienced senior WordPress developers.

They give you a no-obligation quote upfront so you know exactly what you’re paying. A small job can be completed within your first half hour, making it free!

Linux Hosting

This is for you if you’re not a WordPress fan or you need to upload and install files and software beyond WordPress. Lyrical Host’s Linux Hosting is designed for flexibility with over seventy one-click installs of popular titles.

All websites on our Linux platform benefit from better performance thanks to finely-tuned Apache and fantastic hardware.


Let’s be honest, when you blog you really need a community. It’s your community you get advice from, share in successes, and learn together with.
Lyrical Host has an active community in there Facebook group that does just that.

They Don’t Upsell You

If you’re like me you get enough mail to your inbox that you don’t need one more company in your inbox trying to sell you something. Many hosting companies take advantage of having access to your email to constantly try to upsell you.

Lyrical Host never does.

Giving Back

I admit, I’m a sucker for a company that does there part to give back to this world. Like me, they donate to help in the fight against domestic violence. However, they give to a number of charities.

Also every year on your Lyrical Host anniversary, they plant five trees. This not only helps offset carbon emissions from your website, it also helps a farmer in a developing country grow their forest garden and provide for their family.

Check out Lyrical Host’s list of charities for more information.