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28 Reasons to Switch to Lyrical Host

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and if you buy something through this link I receive a commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products and services I’ve used and trust.

I fell in love with Lyrical Host shortly after switching to them and quickly understood the glowing recommendations I got. Here are some of the top reasons switching to Lyrical Host may be the best thing you do for your business.

  1. Great Quality

    One thing that is a must if you plan to build your blog into a career is to have a great quality server.

    All Lyrical Host servers are high-end, fitted with Samsung SSDs, and are in a secure, state-of-the-art data center manned 24/7 by some of the best engineers in the business.

    What does this mean for you? It means your website is faster & more reliable compared to hosts using old moving-parts drives.
  2. Great Tech Support and Customer Service

    Great customer service is incredibly important in day to day life and blogging. However, it is crucial if you want to build you blog into a business.

    I dumped Inmotion and switched to lyrical host because there customer service and tech support couldn’t have been worse.

    From day-one with Lyrcal Host Tech Support has been amazing. Since I have so many sites I annoy them regularly and they’ve never been anything but helpful and nice.

    I was in almost daily contact with customer service before my migration (and even before one was scheduled) and customer service was wonderful.
  3. Free White Glove Migration

    Some hosts will change you a pretty penny to migrate your website to them. Others offer it free but don’t do a good job. Then, there are those who make the experience excruciating by charging you for the terrible job.

    Lyrical Host migrates your website (or websites in my case) for free and keeps you updated the whole time. There’s no downtime or risk to your files. it was completely painless and I can’t even imagine a better experience than the one I had.
  4. Free Domain Privacy

    It may come as a surprise to learn that you need to pay hosting to keep your personal information private. I was certainly shocked.

    Lyrical Host realizes that you name, address, phone number, and more are private and should remain that way. So, they automatically keep your information confidential and they do it for free.
  5. Great Hosting Price

    You can definitely find cheaper hosting companies than Lyrical Host but you can’t find one who can beat the price for the same quality.

    When it comes to hosting companies, usually if you pay less then your quality will be just as low.

    I say usually because Lyrical Host does beat out the high end hosting companies in price but doesn’t sacrifice quality to do so.
  6. Great Domain Name Price

    Even without factoring in that you are getting privacy for free, Lyrical Hosts domain name price is hard to beat. Then when you take into account that their domain registration price costs less than the privacy fee you know your golden.
  7. They don’t jack up the price

    Many hosting companies lour you in with promises of low sign up costs but come renewal time… prices go way up.

    Not with Lyrical Host though. Your 10% discount with my code “Business” is a one time gift, but aside from that, come renewal you prices are exactly what you signed up for.
  8. No Hidden Fees

    We already spoke about hidden privacy fees but hosting companies usually have more than a trick or two up their sleeves.

    With Lyrical Host what you see is what you get. No hidden fees. No nothin’.
  9. Flexible Pricing

    Another thing I love about Lyrical Host is their flexible pricing. You can pay month to month, every six months, once a year, once every two years, and once every three years.

    This is perfect if you don’t feel comfortable paying for months in advance, do want to pay months in advance if don’t want to bother worrying about renewal, or want to lock in their current price before it may go up due to inflation.
  10. Quantity Discount

    If you sign up for anything more than their month to month plan you get a quantity discount!
  11. Pay in your Currency

    With Lyrical Host you can choose to pay in US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Euro, and Pound.
  12. Auto Renewal or Not

    As a blogger/business woman I have enough things to think about so I hate having to remember about renewals. What I love is anything I can put on auto polite but still have control of if I need to.

    You can set Lyrical Host to auto renew if you want to or to manually renew if you prefer.
  13. You Can Upgrade and Downgrade

    If you go viral or just out grow your plan, many hosting companies will make you upgrade for a plan that costs much more than what you signed up for. The sign up deal was only to hook you, but now that they’ve got you…

    Many won’t let you downgrade either. This can be a big problem if you lose traffic due to algorithm changes or stopped going viral. Your stuck paying the same high prices but without the income to show for it.

    Guess what? Lyrical Host doesn’t do that either. You can upgrade or down grade as your needs change.
  14. Designed to go Viral

    Speaking of viral, believe it or not some hosting companies will shutdown your site if you go viral. Others will just let your site get really slow and take forever to load and your traffic will bounce.

    One blogger I know who went viral said one of her biggest blogging regrets is that she wasn’t working with a good host. First her site slowed and then her shut her down which ended up costing her who knows how much in ad revenue.

    Lyrical Host’s DNS is powered by Google Cloud and their platforms have been built to auto-scale. This meaning that if your blog post goes viral, your website won’t even slow down.

    They also never throttle your CPU or RAM and never turn your site off if you go over your plan’s space or bandwidth allocation.
  15. Fast!

    Lyrical Host isn’t just fast when you go viral. They are fast all. the. time.

    After switching to Lyrical Host my time on page went up and my bounce rate went down. This in turn made me more money from ad revenue.
  16. No Down Time!

    Lyrical Host has a 99.9% to 99.99% uptime. I love this because when hosts are down I lose money from ad revenue and any potential affiliate revenue.

    My site went down multiple times with Bluehost in the two years I was with them for my first site. Inmotion went down and took my site down with it in my first week (out of two total!).
  17. Free Backups

    Lyrical Host does free daily backups of all their sites. This means you can sleep easy knowing that you website is safe and secure. I do.
  18. Free Malware Scans and Cleaning

    Lyrical Host gives free malware scans and cleaning. They also check your plugins to make sure everything is as it should be.

    Bluehost and Inmotion both added plugins to my WordPress sites without asking or informing me. When I saw Lyrical Host doesn’t do that, I realized what Bluehost and Inmotion did was not okay.

    Annoyed, I asked Lyrial Host’s tech support if they can tell me what plugins I can remove because the the more plugins you have the more it slows down your site. Their tech team went through all my sites and now they are faster than ever.
  19. Free Website Speed Analysis

    Worried your site is not as fast as you’d like it to be? I always am. Lyrical host gives a free speed analysis so you can know if or where you can improve.
  20. Free Super-fast Built-In Caching

    Lyrical Host seems to be as obsessed with web speed as Mediavine and I am. Their caching system allows your website to load even faster for returning visitors.
  21. Theme Perfection

    I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a perfectionist – especially when it comes to aesthetics. It’s one of the curses of having degrees in art and design.

    If you can relate then Lyrical Host’s Theme Perfection is for you! Lyrical Host’s in-house experienced senior WordPress developers ensures do what you need so that the theme you love has the exact look and functionality you want.
  22. Free Theme Instillation

    Speaking of themes. If you don’t want to, like to, or know how to install your WordPress theme you don’t need to! Lyrical Host’s amazing tech professionals do it for you.
  23. You Don’t Need a WordPress Site!

    If you’re not a WordPress fan or you need to upload and install files and software beyond WordPress, Lyrical Host’s Linux hosting is exactly what you’re need.

    They’ve designed their Linux Hosting is designed for flexibility. You can install pretty much anything you and/or choose from over seventy one-click installs of popular titles ranging from Magento to Simple Invoices.

    All websites on Lyrical Host’s Linux platform benefit from better performance thanks to finely-tuned Apache and great hardware.
  24. Easy to Use!

    One thing I’ve always hated about web host’s is how complicated they make it to navigate through their system. I’m tech savvy but this isn’t tech, it’s a bad filing system.

    If this wasn’t bad enough, hosting companies customer service seems to expect you to know all of this inherently. It’s almost as if they think you downloaded an system map to your brain when you sign up with them. One Inmotion representative acted as if I was a moron when I asked for help.

    Needless to say, Lyrical Hosts simple and easy to navigate system is heaven set! Now instead of wasting time trying to find what I’m looking for, I can use that time working on my business.
  25. They Give Back

    If social responsibility is important to you then you have one more reason to love Lyrical Host. Like me, every month Lyrial Hosts donate to charities around the world, including ones invest in the future of women and girls in Africa to ones that help domestic violence victims.

    Also, Lyrical Host celebrates every customer anniversary by planting trees. This to helping the environment through offsetting carbon emissions from servers and the trees also directly impact people’s live in developing countries.
  26. Community

    Lyrical Host has an active Facebook community where as one of their members you can get advice, suggestions, and more. Lyrical Host doesn’t just see themselves as a hosting company but part of a family and they take that seriously.
  27. Discounts From Their Partners

    Lyrical Host has partners they work with that give discounts to Lyrical Host customers.
  28. Free Blogging Resource Library + Free Stockphotos Monthly

    Lyrical Host has a wonderful resource library which all customers have access to. They also send out 15 limited edition stock photos delivered straight to your inbox every month.


Using the code word “Business” at check out you get 10% off your first your first hosting plan payment. This means it is one month free for ever year you choose to sign up for.

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