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BigScoots vs Agathon

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and if you buy something through this link I receive a commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products and services I’ve used and trust.

This article compares BigScoots vs Agathon Group for WordPress hosting to help you make an informed decision for which is best for you.

In order to keep all things fair, I’m comparing BigSchoots’ “Professional” plan and Agathon’s smallest plan.

Both plans included virtual dedicated hosting over shared cloud options.

The smaller BigScoots plan does not provide a virtual dedicated server.

BigScootsAgathon Group
Number of Websites10Unlimited
Privacy Protection$14.95Free
Dedicated HostingYesYes
Premium CDN OptionNo$20
Grow Pro PluginNoFree
SSL CertificateFreeFree
Advanced SecurityFreeFree
Backup Coverage30 days120 days
Support24/724/7 + phone support
Customer Service10/1010/10


BigScoots offers 30GB of storage for $98.95 a month where Agathon offers 50GB for $80 a month.

Over the course of a year this adds up to $240 in Savings if you choose to go with Agathon.

Agathon also offers an a primum CDN for $20 a month.

If you choose to add this, then for just $1.05 a month than you’d be paying for BigScoots, you’d be getting much more for your money.


At first BigScoots seems like it has the better price as far as domains goes. In fact, it seems to have the best price I’ve seen.

Then, when you favor in the $14.95 fee not to share your personal information such as your address, it becomes $5 more expensive than Agathon.

However, just because you are with a host doesn’t mean you need your domain to be registered with them.

You can choose whichever hosting you want and have your domain registered with Google Domains for $12 a year including free privacy protection.


BigScoots is a fast hosting service provider compared to most companies out there.

However, in 2020 Agathon rebuilt their system from the ground up to create “next gen” hosting that is as fast as possible.

This means that if you work with an ad network like Mediavine, you could see a boost in your RPMs.

Mediavine and Trellis

One of the biggest perks of Agathon’s hosting comes if you work with Mediavine and/or have Trellis WordPress themes.

This is because Agathon works closely with Mediavine, taking their ads into account for Agathon customers.

Agathon also built their “Next Gen” hosting and CDN with Trellis in mind so they complement each other and further increase your RPMs.