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Lyrical Host Review

Lyrical Host may be a little known web host but they are my favorite web host for new bloggers.

This is because they have good customer service, they are affordable, and their tech support is very helpful.

If you have already started with Blue Host, like I did, or another hosting service, they will migrate your site for you for free.

Not all hosts will migrate for you and those that do often charge a free.

I personally switched to Lyrical Host when I was having terrible trouble migrating my blog from Blue Host to InMotion.

Not only did the migration keep having bugs but the customer service was terrible and the tech support was terrible and uselss.

By the time I decided to switch to Lyrical Host I was frustrated and desperate. I practically cried from relief when they were nice, helpful, and did all the work for me at no extra cost.

For I don’t know how many weeks I was in regular contact with their tech support who was incredibly helpful and always very nice.

What You Get

Their “Tiny” plan can sustain about 50,000 visitors per month for the average website.

The “Mighty” roughly equates to 70,000 visitors per month for the average website.

And their “Boss” plan can sustain an unlimited number of people.

Unlike some other hosts, they don’t throttle your speed or turn your website off for going over your plan limit.

If you regularly need more bandwidth, just buy an affordable bandwidth add-on or upgrade your plan.

Also, if you are blessed by the blogging gods with a post going viral and upgrade to keep up with all the traffic, unlike some other hosts you can move back down to a smaller plan when the traffic returns to norma.

Their hosting is faster and better than most of the hosts out there.

Not to mention, the wonderful customer service, great tech support, and painless free white glove migration.

The Money

Lyrical Host is located in England and whenever I go to their site I see the currency in GBP but you can switch it to USD and other currencies.

You can pay in whatever currency you use and there is a set price for that currency.

If buy a six month plan at a time you save 10%, and if you buy 1-year to 2- years you save 15%.

If you use my code “Business” you can get an additional 10% off your first plan.

Just so you know, if you do use my code, I also get a small thank you for the recommendation but it is at no cost to you. In fact, as I said, you save an additional 10%.

What I’d Recommend

Since this blog is all about professional blogging and this post is not sponsored I can be fully honest with you and tell you how to best use this information to your advantage.

My recommendation is, if you are with Mediavine, once you grow out of the “Tiny,” instead of upgrading to the “Mighty” plan switch to Agathon instead.

I can’t speak for other ad networks, but from personal experience with Mediavine, the speed gain from Agathon’s Next Gen Hosting really increased my revenue.

It wasn’t an easy decision to move from Lyrical Host’s very reasonable pricing to paying $100 a month…

However, after switching my framework/theme to a Trellis and seeing how the increase noticeably improved my revenue, I decided to try.

The increase in speed from Lyrical Host to Agathon’s Next Gen Hosting made up for the price difference – and then some – within two days.

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