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Go Daddy vs Lyrical Host

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and if you buy something through this link I receive a commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products and services I’ve used and trust.

This is a compares Go Daddy vs Lyrical Host for WordPress hosting. It evaluates the differences and straights of each showing a clear winner.

To make tall things even I’m comparing 1 year on Go Daddy’s “Economy” hosting plan to Lyrical Host‘s “Tiny” hosting plan.

Go DaddyLyrical Host
Visitorsup to 25,000up to 40,000
Hosting Cost$7.99/mo$10.00/mo
Renewal Cost$9.99/mo$10.00/mo
Domain Registration$11.99$14.99
Domain Renewal $17.99$14.99
Privacy Fee$9.99Free
SSL Certificate$63.99Free
SSL Renewal$79.99Free
Email Accounts16
Email Space5GB10GB each
Email Renewal$5.99/moFree
Malware Scanning and RemovalYesYes
Speed AnalysisNoYes


Go Daddy

Go Daddy offers a number of payment plan options and sign up discounts for each of these plans.

You must pay the total upfront in one lump sum and upon renewal the cost is $9.99 per month.

Go DaddySign up Discounts
3 Months$10.99/mo
12 Months$6.99/mo
24 Months$6.49/mo
36 Months$5.99/mo

Lyrical Host

Lyrical Host provides a 10% sign up discount for Blog Like a Business readers using the code “Business” at checkout.

They also provide flexible plans including a month to month for $11.99, and a 6 month plan, 1 year plan, 2 year plan, and a 3 year plan each for only $10.00 a month. Renewal rates stay the same.


Go Daddy

For your first year the domain is $11.99 and upon renewal it raises to $17.99.

Lyrical Host

The cost for a domain is $14.99 and stays $14.99 come time to new.

Domain Privacy

Go Daddy

Go Daddy charges a $9.99 domain privacy fee to keep your personal information such as your name, address, phone number, and email out of public record.

Lyrical Host

Lyrical Host believes that privacy is essential to their clients and that it shouldn’t have to come at a cost.

Therefore, unlike other hosting companies, Lyrical Host automatically does it free of charge.

Hidden Fees

Go Daddy

Go Daddy is big on hidden fees. Where most hosts will give you subdomains, email, and SSL certificates for free Go Daddy charges you for them.

Lyrical Host

With Lyrical Host what you see is what you get. They believe in transparency with their clients.


There is absolutely no upside to choosing Go Daddy over cheap hosting like Bluehost.

When it comes down to Go Daddy vs Lyrical Host there is no competition at all. Lyrical Host is the clear winner.

How to Signup with Lyrical Host

Signing up with Lyrical Host is quick and easy. It took me no more than five minutes!

Screenshot of Lyrical Host WordPress Hosting

Do yourself a favor and go with WordPress hosting. It is easier and half the SEO is built in for you.

You can also use free or buy themes instead of hiring a designer.

I love the Trellis because it is light weight and has beautiful themes. I also love that it does the work of a bunch of plugins and is built to play well with my favorite plugins.

Screenshot of Lyrical Host Plans

When I switched from BlueHost to Lyrical Host my blog was big enough that I needed the Boss plan.

However, you need to choose what’s right for you and that you can grow with.

For bloggers just starting out and not big enough to apply to Mediavine, I always recommend the “Tiny” plan.

If you get under 60,000 sessions a month, the “Mighty” plan should be a good fit.

However, you may want to compare Lyrical Host to Agathon and decide which is better for your needs.

If you are big enough to need the “Boss” plan, and you are working with Mediavine or another ad network, seriously check out Agathon instead.

Lyrical Host promo code

Use the promo code “Business” to get 10% off of your first plan! If you sign up for a year it is like getting a month free!